A Real Teapot Jackpot!


I hit the jackpot at a estate sale, all these pieces for 15 bucks!  As a repurposing artist I am looking for items that I can breathe new life into.  This teapot set could still be used for tea, but the price is right for me to repurpose.  The teapot set will come out of the cupboard and brighten a shelf as the pieces are transformed into beach themed creations. Hold on, I feel a tsunami of ideas!

My first idea is to transform the teapots into dolls.  Here is what you will need if you want to make your own version.

Instructions: Clean the teapot, removing the tarnish so the shells would adhere. Run a wire through the spout so you can attach three pieces of short necklace chains.  Using a mixture of E6000 and hot glue attach a variety of shells to the teapot bottom and lid in an artsy design.  Don’t hate me, but you are going to have to remove the finial top on the lid with some pliers so her darling head will fit.  Next take a wood doll head and glue a digital download face (I got mine from Aenota @ Etsy).  Window screen is the base of her crown, cover it with tiny shells and abalone pieces filling in with moss and sand.  Now for the fun part,  finish her with rhinestones, pearls, and broken jewelry pieces.  Attach a shell, and prisms to the necklace chains.


Isn’t she adorable?  Print out a banner saying “The Sea is her cup of Tea” and attach with hot glue.


When I walked out of the estate sale and  stashed the teapot collection in the trunk of my car, it brought back me back to 1970 when I got a similar set for a wedding gift.  I remember the twinges of guilt I felt when I needed something out of the top shelf of the cupboard and my eyes fell on the tarnished tea set I never had occasion to use.  Those were my “Jesus People” days and a silver plate teapot set didn’t fit my reality.

I live in a little resort town at  the Oregon Coast and pay the bills selling whimsical beach themed art in galleries and shops.  This darling Teapot Doll will find a new home today at Sunrose Gallery, the freshest most inspiring gallery you will ever find.  Owner Cathy Tippen has collected what I call “creativity unbounded.” I expect the Teapot Doll will find her place of honor in the front window greeting the tourists and  waiting patiently for someone who’s “cup of tea is the sea!”

blog sunrose

Our little Teapot Doll has a welcoming smile in Sunrose Gallery window!

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