Cross Purposes

As a Christian and an artist…

I have thoughtfully considered if I was going  to make money selling items of sacred objects like crosses.  I wouldn’t have spent so much time wrangling with the yes or no question if I could have seen the joy on the face of the folks who purchase them! The folks who purchase my crosses find them to be a treasure and are usually purchasing the cross  as a spiritual souvenir from their visit at the beach.


Instructions:  Cut two pieces of 18 gauge annealed wire 7 1/2 inches long. Cut two pieces of the same wire 5 inches long.  Curl the ends with needle nose pliers.

I put a piece of double stick tape around both sets of wire where they will intersect and “smooch” them together and then take a short piece of 28 gauge wire and loop the intersection so the pieces are “connected” for convenience while you work.

Feed shells from shell necklaces onto the wire and wrap the wire around until you get to the next shell.  Finish by wrapping the end wire securely 3 or 4 times around the end.

I sell these crosses at Pacific Crest Cottage in Gearhart, Oregon .  The owner tells me they are often purchased as baptismal gifts.  Pacific Crest Cottage is a fresh shop literally chocked to the ceiling with beach themed treasures and I am honored to have my items included in the inventory!

Check out their Facebook page HERE.

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