Garage Sale Serendipity


Most weekends I have a little wad of cash and my smart phone set to the local garage sale listings.  I am out of business as a repurposing artist if I don’t have something to start with! Early this morning I walked home with a stash of goodies from a garage sale down the street.  I found the materials for this Mermaid Wall Hanging and would love to show you what you need to make your own creation. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The mermaid base is actually a cigar box that has a hanger attached in the back.  I found the package of shells and the earring fronts. I loved the prices!

Materials list:

1 cigar box, 6 inch wide window screen, vintage sheet music, brown twine, 3 shell necklaces, assorted shells and feathers.

Cover the edges of the cigar box with sheet music, lapping over on the front and back.  Print out a digital face the size of your box. I get my digital downloads from Etsy shops, if you don’t have a face image, go to Etsy and search “digital face sheets”. The downloads are usually $2 to $5 and are very handy to have.

Glue the face to the front of the cigar box.  Cut the window screen to fit the cigar box and cut crown points.  Glue the screen at the top for the crown.  Spread glue on the wire and sprinkle with glitter.  Twist the shell necklaces to make a rope and adhere the rope a little section at a time then cut the excess at the back.

Have fun decorating the crown!  I used the earring fronts, some of the shells I got at the garage sale today and some of the feathers I collected on the beach this week.  Cut four pieces of twine and adhere them at the crown edge.  Finish each end with shells and feathers.

P1010001 (2).JPG

Cut a 5 inch piece of wire and make a hanger hot gluing it to the top of the cigar box.

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