Easy Peasy Button Fun!


My buttons stand at attention guarding the shelves in my studio!  One reason I store the buttons in the jar dolls is so I won’t collect too many.  When I have an excess of buttons, it is time to find a project to use them. I will make a DIY post soon and show you how to make these fun storage dolls, but first lets have some button fun!


I made this button ampersand project using an old  acrylic box frame, a wallpaper sample sheet, vintage sheet music and a strip of diamond wrap faux rhinestone.


I found this photo on pinterest which shows how you can really tie a photo wall gallery together.  I imagine using my Button Ampersand Hanging on a wall of family photographs.  Use buttons that match the photos.


For this project you will need an acrylic box frame, some paper to cover it, some sheet music to cover the edges, and a long strip of diamond wrap to cover the edges.


Print out a clip art ampersand and enlarge it on your computer.  Cut out the ampersand and cover it with buttons adhered with hot glue. Cover the edges of the ampersand with a strip of Diamond Wrap. Cover the outside of the  acrylic frame with paper (scrapbooking, sheet music, gift wrap).  For a finished edge, cut strips of vintage sheet music or complimentary printed paper and glue on the edges.  Hot glue the ampersand to the frame.  I attached a wire hanger, but the frame will hang nicely without a hanger if you use two little nails on your wall, the box frame will stay in place.


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