L…. stands for


Lariat!  As in… Lariat Necklaces which I adore because it is the kind of necklace you can wear YOUR WAY. I came up with the name “collage necklaces” years ago when I began collecting barely used necklaces at garage sales and thrift stores.  After a gentle cleaning, I took them apart and gave them a new life.  Recently I fell in love with the Lariat style  that is 36″ – 75″ long. 


I found these treasures this weekend at an estate sale.  You can soak the pieces in warm soapy water without damaging the surface.  Look for jewelry in next to new condition.  After cleaning, cut the chain into 2-3 inch pieces and set aside.


Put beads on wire, you can use ready made eye pins or make your own.  A 75 inch necklace needs 18 bead elements. When you make the bead elements try to make each one different because the variety makes the lariat OOAK.

Now you are ready to assemble!  Add a bead element  to a section of chain repeating until you have a long rope of chain.  Make a “tassel” of bead sections attaching them to one end of the rope of chains and beads making sure it will fit through the round end piece.  (My gold round end piece came from a  belt made of rings I found at a thrift store).


The fun thing about a lariat/wrap necklace is it’s variety.  It can be wrapped around the neck for a choker.  Great for jeans and a t-shirt by day!

Now it is a fabulous layered look especially pretty for a night out on the town! The necklace is a new creation every time you wear it.  So go through your bead boxes and have fun making your own creation!


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