Celebrate Summer at the Beach

We go for a walk almost every night on the Prom, a picturesque sidewalk that fronts our one and a half mile long  beach.   Seaside is a little resort town with 2 stoplights and only two grocery stores.  On weekends and after school is on summer vacation our town is packed with tourists.  I admit we wait with eager anticipation for Memorial Day when the tourists arrive in droves. Then we breathe a collective sigh of relief after Labor Day!  I dream up creative crafts that I can price reasonably so folks can afford a few  beachy  souvenirs.

This would be an easy craft if you are looking for a way to keep your children or grandchildren busy now that school is out. 

You will need these supplies:

Burlap, a sturdy board, a paper heart, shells to make the heart border.  Shells to fill the center of the heart.  Glue, and stickles if you want to make a flourish at each corner of the plaque.

Instructions.  Cover the board with burlap. (If the image is going to show through the burlap either paint it or cover with paper.) Hot glue the burlap in place and hot glue the paper heart in the center.  Hot glue the border shells and use Elmer’s glue fill the center of the paper heart, then fill the heart with shells or sand.

After the glue is dry make a wire loop and secure at the back of the plaque for a hanger.  Take a long strand of the burlap and wrap it like it was a gift ribbon, add a key charm before you tie the bow.

I love stickles.  It is the only glitter glue that comes out consistently for me.  Add swirls and let dry.

I think this would be a fun craft to use shells you find on the beach to make a memory last for more than a week by the sea!


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