Rock My World


My favorite craft store is Michaels because they have such variety and fabulous prices.  My focus is repurposing castaways, but sometimes I find something at Michael’s that simply has to go in my cart!  I found these little polished rocks in Michael’s section of glass marbles and sea shells.  They are intended for bowl filler, but I wanted them for the bases of photo stands.


A little photo stand can be tucked in on a shelf or night stand and gives variety to a grouping.  Plus a photo stand can easily fit on the office desk because the footprint is smaller than a frame.  As you can see, my little rock has had a transformation as I covered it with a layer of alcohol ink.  I absolutely love alcohol ink (purchased at Michael’s in the stamping section) it is quick drying for almost instant results!


Cut a 16 gauge piece of wire 18″ long.  I get my wire from Home Depot it is called “tie wire” in the section where they sell rebar supplies. Coil one end of the wire and place it on a piece of paper measuring 2 inches square with a piece of double stick tape.


Clean the bottoms of each rock with vinegar and wipe with a paper towel to make sure it is completely dry.  Squirt a big amount of hot glue on top of the coil that is sitting on the paper.  Quickly place the rock on the hot glue and hold until the hot glue has cooled.  Take scissors and trim the paper square, trimming to the round wire coil.

I transformed three of my rocks with alcohol ink and paint markers.  If you like the rocks in their natural finish, all you have to do is take some needle nose pliers and turn the end of the rest of the wire to form a coil which will hold a piece of paper.  I recommend alcohol ink rather than craft paint to color the rocks because it is less messy and you can easily remove any color that fills in the black wording with acetone.


These photo stands can be a great gift for many occasions.  They could be a cool stocking stuffer or bridesmaid gift.  Inexpensive and easy to make, things that rock my world!

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