Rock My World Part 2


Yesterday I posted a colorful photo stand idea as I transformed some bowl filler rocks I found at Michael’s craft store with alcohol ink.  I left three of the rocks in their original form because the words seem to be a “natural” fit! Instructions:

Cut a 16 gauge piece of wire 18″ long.  I get my wire from Home Depot it is called “tie wire” in the section where they sell rebar supplies. Coil one end of the wire and place it on a piece of paper measuring 2 inches square with a piece of double stick tape.

Clean the bottoms of each rock with vinegar to remove any oils and wipe off to make sure it is completely dry.  Squirt a big amount of hot glue on top of the coil that is sitting on the paper.  Quickly place the rock on the hot glue and hold until the hot glue has cooled.  Take scissors and trim the paper square, trimming to the round wire coil.

Take some needle nose pliers and coil the end of the wire.  Now it can hold a note or photo.

I love to surround myself with inspirational thoughts or things that make me smile.  I purchase many digital downloads from Etsy Shops  and my absolute favorite shop is I purchased these adorable inspiring little girls from lisasalteredart and printed them on card stock.


As I was adding this last photo to the post, I thought of another use for the photo stands.  They would be a nice replacement for a bud vase when you visit with someone in a long term care facility. Fill the holder  with a inspirational thought personally from YOU.

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