A Sassy Souvenir Doll

Blog idea German cafe in Zindorf

It was a lazy afternoon in Zirndorf, Germany and we strolled through the cobblestone streets looking for a snack. My hubby was looking forward  to trying some more German beer and I was longing for a hot cup of coffee. There was only one problem, we didn’t speak German and our waiter didn’t speak English!  It was a fun situation which made the experience so memorable. It is so nice when restaurants let you have the cup coasters as a souvenir, and then a happy relief when you unpack them and they didn’t get bent on the trip home!  I keep paper keepsakes in a clear shoebox and sorted through the box recently. It reminded me of that summer day and brought a smile thinking of the dark haired waiter with piercing black eyes who was so amused at our communication situation. The idea for the coaster doll popped into my imagination and I went to the photo album to get the photo of my hubby.

NO PHOTO!  It was still in the computer amid many pictures of castles and dreamy landscapes of Germany.  That is the disadvantage of a digital camera, sometimes they don’t get printed.  When I found the photo I decided to print my husband’s face in black and white for a better contrast. He looks so cute as a doll!


To make the doll you need a face, the coaster, some wire, and something to represent the feet.  I didn’t worry about arms and hands.  I like to put a flat glass marble on faces because it brings it to life.  However I am all about doing it your way!  Use this idea and make it your own, using what you have. It would be fun to collect enough coasters to make a doll of each family member to remember a fun vacation.


We have been to Germany several times and have family that lives there so we have a little collection of memorabilia. Now I can add the souvenir doll to on my shelf in my studio. I can’t help but smile every time it catches my eye.  I bent the legs and put a paper easel on the back so it can sit on a bright red  German tin can.

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