Artful Collage Necklaces


I have fun collecting necklaces that have space to make a little piece of art. They are fun and whimsical and  I sell them at a local gallery.  They can be really colorful or more subdued with a thoughtful message. These necklaces are an artful mini collage perfect for a jeans and t-shirt day!

For this necklace you will need a medallion necklace, a pretty magazine image, some kind of glaze or decoupage medium and a printed saying.

Instructions: Clean the medallion with soapy water, rinse and dry.  Cut the image to fit the inside of the medallion.  Cover the medallion face with the glue/glaze medium and center your image.  After it is dry, you can apply the saying (I glue the saying and let it dry) then apply a good coat of your glue/glaze medium to the top of the image.

I added a collection of charms that matched the color of the medallion.  Isn’t this easy project soooo sweet?  It is so fun that I didn’t have to spend money at the craft store.  The medallion was 50 cents at a garage sale and the image was in a home décor magazine. Repurposing is fun!


I made this little collage necklace a few years ago and decided to treat myself to it instead of taking it to the gallery.  I break out in a big smile every time I put it on! I hope you try making your own mini collage necklace.


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