Joyful Collaboration!


This is your official introduction to Joy, owner of Pacific Crest Cottage in Gearhart, Oregon.  Joy has helped me pay the bills since 2007.  She dreams up ideas and I have fun making them come to life.  Like me, she has a whimsical mind, but with an elegant twist!

We both love all things mermaid and Joy wanted to have exquisite crowns in her shop fit for a mermaid.  Her story was “the mermaid scavenged the bottom of the ocean and found the things to make her own crown”  We supposed rusty old window screen could be found for a base. Then it would be adorned with all things sea shell with a rustic burlap lining and side tendrils of brown twine hanging down with shells attached ( we imagined Bo Derek).

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo the first crown was born in 2007 and we have been adorning her shop with them since then.  When folks see the crowns, they get inspiration too!  Joy got a call the other day and her customer wanted a Ventura Beach meets Queen Elizabeth crown.

Fortunately I had been to Pier One Imports and got this bag of Beach Glass Filler.  I love that the pieces are flat, so they made a perfect mosaic on the front of the crown!


Lucky for me, Joy gives me bags of goodies like broken rhinestone bracelets which I can take apart for the zigzag design at the front.  It was easy to fill in a glass mosaic when the zigzag was secured.  I cut the window screen in long pointy spires and slathered glue all over the spires and covered them with Martha Stewart glitter.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhen I sorted through “Joy’s Drawers” ( her supply stack fills up three drawers!) I found a freshwater pearl necklace, abalone shell flakes, and a pretty little shell necklace that I took apart.  Lastly, there was a perfect broken rhinestone brooch that fit nicely in the zigzag.  I had a faux pearl rope wrap necklace that I used to finish the bottom and inside top of the cream colored burlap. Some gold metal cord was attached at the temples with some pretty shells finishing the ends.

“Ventura Beach Birthday Crown” was a fun collaboration.  When my Caller ID shows “Joy Cell” I figure I better plug in my glue gun and get ready for some fun!

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