One More Out the Door


My phone pinged yesterday when I was driving in my car and I had to put my curiosity on hold until I pulled in the driveway.  I had a new email from my Etsy Whimsiville shop notifying me that “Sassy Citrus Kitschy Window Valance” had sold! I enjoy the serendipity of making the valances and the fun of collecting all the items that go into them.  Of course it is easy to find the kitchen flatware and utensils at summer garage sales but you need the luck of the Irish to find cool stuff like the Gurgle Fish salt and pepper shaker and the red pitcher shaker on the same day at different thrift stores!  I had purchased the plastic faux lemon and lime slices at Michael’s months before in a clearance bin.  WA-lah!  Those unique items got some spray paint to make a whimsical kitchen valance.  Something to smile at for a long time.

Please Pass the Salt

Once I got the idea for the repurposed valances, I’ve been on a roll!  It is so nice to have a way to take unusable throwaways like beaters from a burnt out electric mixer and give them new life.  The vintage wooden salt and pepper shakers just make me smile, they are so whimsical and fun!

whimsical cat and mouse

The sky is the limit for the utensils that you can use.  Graters?  Why not!  A collection becomes a theme, something OOAK.  I will be posting a step my step tutorial soon on what wire I use and how to put it all together.

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