You win some…

You lose some…

three series

January 1st I scratched out a goal list. My first priority was applying to the Portland Art Museum Sales and Rental Gallery.  It would be fun to dip my toes back in the fine art scene.  At one time I sold art in 5 fabulous Fine Art Galleries in 5 different cities, back when I had my day job because art sales didn’t come CLOSE to paying the bills!

I love mixed media abstracts and have actually sold about 300 pieces through the years.  So I was cautiously confident as I shopped Dick for new art supplies and these FABULOUS frames (look for Simplon 3″…these cost $32.19 each for a 18 x 24 gold leaf frame!)

It was like the good ole days playing with the acrylic paint and my new paint spatula.  I hired a local photographer to take the official application photos and crossed my fingers when I clicked on the “submit” button.

atomica born                                                               Atomica: Born

atomica burgeon                                                              Atomica: Burgeon

atomica blast                                                              Atomica: Blast

My inspiration was our big beautiful universe, and I imagined myself looking over our Creator’s shoulder as cool stuff was being born. I am over the moon with the turquoise and gold. And I couldn’t be happier with the completed set, even though they weren’t worthy to be a new artist in Portland. The selection committee  let me down gently stating they only admit 11 new artists and this year there were 115 applicants.

You know what is the BEST thing about being turned down?  I don’t have to figure out what to wear at the new artist reception on July 21!  YAY!

I look at what I create as seeds.  When something is finished, it is like a seed and it sits on my open hand waiting for the wind to carry where it will.  I make what I like, so if the wind doesn’t carry these away they will find a welcoming place here at home.

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