Memories of Margrit

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I happened on a yard sale when I was on my way to Ken’s Super Friendly Market on Avenue U.  As I entered the yard a quick glance at the tables told me I probably wasn’t going to be interested in anything at this sale.  At the first table there were two vintage mirror/ hairbrush dresser sets.  Out of curiosity  I picked up one of the hand mirrors to see if the mirror was in decent condition.  The owner seized on my vague interest and quickly said “If you take both

blog Margrit

mirror sets I will give them all to you for $5.00.”  Wow.  2 large hand mirrors, 2 brushes, combs, plus a footed table mirror! What a deal and you might as well know that I can’t resist a deal.

As she was wrapping the sets and placing them in a box she told me their history.  Her great aunt from Finland had owned them.  Her name was Margrit and I imagined she was quite a romantic owning two dresser sets.  I was immediately inspired to make a window valance featuring four of the pieces.

blog margit 3I imagined romance!  Pearls, prisms, and vintage perfume bottles.  Little did I know that vintage perfume bottles are VERY collectible.  I broke my budget procuring the bottles!  I became very obstinate on an Ebay auction.  Oops, there goes $100.00, but I got the bottles I wanted.  I absolutely didn’t want to diminish the collectible value of the bottles, so I placed easily dissolved glue in their stoppers. I was so happy with  the bottles, Chanel No 5., Guerlain with heart stopper, Christian Dior, Cheramy April Showers and Ronni Gardenia and wrapped them with brass wire so they could hang  daintily in the valance.

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I adore whimsy and have always loved to own the unusual.  Folks often ask me, “how did you think of that?”  Well, when you mix a bargain, with a romantic notion, out comes something like “Sweet Memories of Margrit“!  I love, love, love finding a new practical use for something that’s only purpose now is to collect dust. I sell my creations on Etsy at WhimsiVille  (mostly repurposed stuff) and LittleLaLaOriginals where I make unusual valances.


  1. I loved your story! And I love the way you create beautiful things from what some others would discard. There is beauty in the well loved items we come across and it touches my heart when we are able to give them a new life and purpose. Thank you for sharing your talent and your kind, sweet spirit with us.

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