A Smile a Day

blog 10 x 10

How can a piece of canvas, some acrylic paint, and paper turn into a smile?  That is the magic I play with everyday!  I collect things that turn up the corners of my mouth and my mixed media pieces are wishes for somebody’s smile!

I like putting together 10 x 10 gallery wrapped canvases because they go together very quickly.  When I need inspiration, I empty the contents of a drawer that says “Paper Collage Elements”.  That drawer is usually a rats nest (one of my favorite descriptions of unorganized chaos.) It is chock full of magazine images.  A magazine isn’t safe around me, I rip out any page for alphabet letter font, animals, funny faces, flowers, anything that is pretty and colorful.  I have had occasion to truly grieve at the doctor’s office that the magazine isn’t mine and I can’t rip out the perfect cute cat.


I have an addiction to Tiffany Blue paint and  I am obsessive about black checkers on floors and borders.  I don’t have to ponder what color or what border. I am in love with my rut!  When sorting through my happy scraps of images, usually there is a sonic  boom of realization in my brain.  Yes, I need an elephant sitting on that ottoman.  As I am cutting and attaching the pieces with my glue stick the saying just pops in my head, “Don’t mess with my chaos”.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI can’t find all the fabulous images I need in magazines!  Etsy has a treasure trove of graphic art and I have my favorite shop: LisasAlteredArt . I got my ballerinas and French dancers from that fun shop, a good place to get a giggle for free. I love letting all my whimsical dreams come true… you bet I am going to put a tulle tutu on the elephant and hang rhinestone tear shaped beads from silvery thread for my raindrops.

Not everyone smiles when they see my pieces, when that happens I settle for a smirk!

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