Too Many Beads!


I need beads!  A lot of the crafts I make have beads incorporated in them. The only way I can get some beads is to buy them in a collection and the container usually has “loser beads.”  I don’t have the heart to toss them so when there is jar full of loser beads it is time to figure how to use them up!  I am happy to report a pint jar full of leaf shaped plastic antique silver beads was empty at the end of yesterday!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

My first idea was using a paper doll printout I purchased on Etsy.  I already had a board I purchased at a garage sale to use as the base.  I used alcohol ink to cover the image of the flowers. It was fun assemble the paper doll and put the leaves on her gown.  I flashed back to  a Project Runway segment when they had a Flower Challenge!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAfter I finished the Garden Diva, I was surprised to see I had MANY leaf shaped beads leftover.  So it was back to square one. LOL  Out popped an idea to make the leaves represent a lady’s hair….I see a Garden Queen!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI like making Queen art!  I collect faces so it was fun to go through my images and print out this beauty.  Is she a garden fairie or does she spend so much time thinking of her garden her hair is turning to leaves?  Either way the Garden Queen is special. She is a  celebration of summer and a  thoughtful piece for a your favorite gardener.  Most of my art sells for gifts and I love making things that are purchased for gifts!  When  the Garden Queen was finished I had 10 beads left over.  Mission accomplished!  p.s. check out my  Smiling Thought why I make crowns.

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