Please Pass the Glass


Today I have to work with glass in my studio, I need to make some sun catchers for Sunrose.   I also plan to make a duplicate of this valance for my Etsy shop so I’ll show how to make a sun catcher. 

Each day is a serendipity since I retired from my day job in 2005.  Since I am pretty much a workaholic my satisfaction comes from making something.  I have a saying, “if you don’t make it, you can’t sell it.” I sell my work in seven brick and mortar shops in my area and two Etsy Shops: LittleLaLaOriginals and WhimsiVille.  I haven’t gotten rich YET, but it is satisfying to say my work pays the bills.

il_570xN.1207970164_mwucThese whimsical valances were the inspiration for my sun catchers. So here we go, the sun catchers take five steps.  When I make the sun catchers I make 40 of them at a time!  That takes me all day and like I say, if I don’t make it, I can’t sell it!

P1010011 (1)

Step #1: cut the glass, clean it

Step #2 : put some copper foil around the edges, cut a 5 inch wire.

Step #3: wire wrap the glass using 17 gauge or 18 gauge wire, crimping the wire to make a tight fit.  Make a swirl at the top and leave about 2 inches at the bottom so you have room to add a few beads and make a loop for the wire “dangle.”

Step #4: attach the dangle bottom and cut a 3 inch wire adding beads and a word charm to one end.  Attach the word charm dangle on one of the wires at the top of the sun catcher.

These sun catchers sell like hot cakes at Sunrose!

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