My Goblet is Full

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIf wine goblets could only speak.  I find them for one dollar and less at almost every garage sale.  Wouldn’t it be fun to hear their stories?  I bet they would have some romantic tales.  However, when I get my hands on a wine goblet, the romance is definitely over when the glass nippers come out. LOL 

Because the goblet is in a garage sale, I consider it a castaway and so it is my job to dream up a new purpose for it.  When I get my stained glass nippers out, it is easy to remove the stem from the bowl of the glass.  I just nip nip nip around the stem and pretty soon it easily separates.  The stem is covered with a thin layer of Diamond Glaze and sprinkled with glitter ready for me to add some decoration and give it a purpose.  Frankly, I make whimsical stuff to sell.  My customer loves whimsy and is probably a little sassy!  Another thing I know about my customer: they often buy my things to be a gift.

The “Olde Glamour Girl” is an Old Hollywood movie star wrapped in a piece of ostrich feather boa. The back proclaims “Still Hot”, and is a silly gift to give to your favorite senior citizen on that “milestone” birthday.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI purchased this “Just Breathe” digital download on Etsy and printed it on heavy cardstock with a glittery edge.  I love stuff like this little inspiring thought sitting by my computer monitor!

This little goblet doll celebrates the sea with ocean life scattering the bottom and a paper mermaid whimsically pointed to gather a shell.  The back is decorated with a little tag that proclaims “My soul searches for the sea”.  These make cool souvenirs!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI like to make whimsical gifts, so this is a Decision Queen.  Eat NOW? or Eat LATER? The bottom of the goblet dolls is packaging cardboard cut with scallop scissors. I use round wooden balls for the doll heads and print out a fun face that is glued on.  I get the “collars” from Pier One Imports, they are cupcake toppers!

I love my repurposing life!  It is fun to take the goblets and make them new. Each goblet is truly OOAK.

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