One Frame at a Time

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI fill a lot of dollar store frames with “souvenir” themes.  Sunrose sprinkles them around their gallery and since they are reasonably priced…..they sell! I break the framing rules because the paper background is the only part that is under the glass.

I get a kick out of mass producing so I set up an assembly line.  The first step is transforming the frame with alcohol ink.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI love my Tim Holtz Alcohol Ink Kit because alcohol ink gives instant gratification!  You will probably want to use a brush to apply it, but I confess I just squirt it and spread it with my fingers. LOL.  It literally takes about 2 minutes to cover the whole frame and move on to the next one.  In a half hour I have 15 frames colored and they are DRY!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI collect the  background images from magazines.  If I find a pretty image I rip it out of the magazine and put it in my “paper collage elements” bin. I cut the image to measure 5 x 7 and secure it in the frame.  Next, decide on a theme for the frame…”By the Sea” sells!  I gather the scrabble pieces, glue them to the frame with hot glue.

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I will give you a tip about scrabble pieces, when you get new scrabble tiles put them on your computer printer screen and make a color copy, then you will have the images to make new tiles if you run out of a letter. I was out of “Y”.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI cut out the “Y”  tile image and glued it to the front of another tile with ModPodge matte finish and it looks just like it was a real tile!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYou can use a printed paper “FLY AWAY TO THE” instead of the copper metal stamping. I was inspired to say “fly Away” because of the butterfly image on the paper background.


I collect the razor clam shells on our beach and glitter the edges.  It is fun to find unusual font sets on Etsy and print out a variety of letter styles to ModPodge in the clam shell with a sassy little star.  Stickles glitter glue is the finishing touch for the picture and I like to add a black wire hanger so Sunrose has an option to hang it on the wall or use the easel back for display. I make 15 of these at a time so I am stocked up for the local galleries.  Sure is a fun colorful way to spend the day!

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