Stamping from Stampington

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI heard the squeaky brakes of the UPS man and stepped out the door to get a heavy cardboard box.  YAY.  My order from Stampington! I got some “stuff” to make this wind chime that features metal stamping.

blog stampington

What a wonderful time we live in and thank goodness for the internet!  I live one and half hours (and 2 mountain passes) away from Portland.  There is a craft store about a half hour away, but they don’t always have what I need.  Stampington has a neat website with an usual assortment that I don’t find anywhere else and things come fast!

blog metal stamping

I got a steal on these Antique Spoon Pendant – $3.99 from: Stampington & Company. They are going to be so fun to play with, especially since I am itching to metal stamp something!


Here in Seaside, Oregon mermaid art SELLS!  I am always looking for a mermaid angle.  So I used some enamel paint to simulate a mermaid tail and had fun metal stamping “I Really am a Mermaid”.


A few weeks ago I found a luscious piece of odd shaped driftwood that had darling little barnacles growing on it.  Driftwood wall hangings are a popular souvenir that sells in Sunrose so it was an easy decision to make the Antique Spoon Pendant  a focal point on one.


The wall hanging had to be asymmetrical because the odd shaped end was quite heavy. So the beads needed to be chunky and have weight to balance.  Isn’t the metal stamping Antique Spoon Pendant cute?  Thanks, Stampington for having them and I can hardly wait to play with the REST of the stuff in that box!

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