Merry Mermaids Day Two


Folks who collect mermaids are always on the look out for something new and whimsical too.  That keeps me fresh and dreaming up the unexpected.  I love 10 x 10 gallery wrapped canvases.  It is a good size to fill with a collage, it is a good size to fit on someone’s wall. Plus mermaid art sells!  YAY!


This is what you need to make this picture.  I don’t worry about the midnight blue paint being perfect, because it gives dimension to the final product.

I have collected clip art for years. If I don’t have something that will work in my stash, I usually use Google “images” and search for free clip art.  If there is a watermark, and I absolutely need that special clip art image I hunt the owner down and purchase it.  Sometimes artists forget the 7th commandment, “Thou shall not steal.”   123rf and Etsy are good sources for clip art.

I rarely cut clip art for a project as I am making it.  My hubby and I have a 5pm date most nights to watch the news.  When I have some clip art projects planned I gather the big stack of clip art and cut the pieces all at once while we watch the TV.  That way I can “rock and roll” and knock out a bunch of  pieces in a day.


The final step is adding the glitter glue stars and matching rope cords for the salmon hot air balloon.  I would call it a King Salmon but my husband would say…”they don’t look like that!”  I think this pretty mermaid is so whimsical floating above the clouds with the moon looking down with a midnight sky.

This piece will probably find a home soon at Sunrose Gallery here in Seaside, Oregon.

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