Merry Mermaids Day Five

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe week of mermaids is winding down!  If you are not a mermaid lover, you might be getting weary of them, but hold on, just one more day.  This is another 10 x 10 gallery wrapped canvas painted in softest mint green with another mermaid clip art image. I don’t remember which Etsy shop I purchased this image from, but it is an easy image to find and purchase.  I LOVE this saying…

“She who would SEEK for pearls must DIVE below.”  It is the mermaid equivalent to another favorite of mine that I have hanging in my studio:  “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”  So if you want something, get your rear in gear and go after it.  LOL

I blame Joy from Pacific Crest Cottage for planting the seeds of passion for crowns! She dreamed up the first mermaid crown imagining a mermaid wanting to make a crown for herself using stuff she found on the bottom of the sea.  Rusty screen, shells and moss.  That was 2006, now I have the irresistible urge to put a crown on everything, sort of like a guy I knew in college that put ketchup on everything he ate. LOL.


The base of the crown is window screen.  Use hot glue to attach shells from necklaces and use small pearls to make a sassy edge.  Every window screen crown comes out a little different!


The picture comes together quite easily.  First, paint. After the paint is dry, glue on the mermaid image, draw on the saying with a gold gel pen and use 18K gold marker to make shimmery swirls.  Hot glue the crown and add a tiny pearl to her hand. This picture will be on it’s way to Sunrose Gallery soon.

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