Merry Mermaids Day Six


I can’t convey how wonderful it is to live in Seaside, Oregon and have folks come from ALL OVER THE WORLD to our little beach for a good time.  Lewis and Clark ended their journey smack dab here.  They climbed that little mountain called “Tillamook Head” in the background of this acrylic painting  to go see a beached whale at Ecola Beach.  To top it off, our city has set out sturdy swings at several spots on the beach…how fun is THAT?

blog mermaid swing starting point

This photo was the inspiration for my mermaid sneaking a moment to swing high in the sky.  I was inspired to make two swing interpretations.

blog mermaid on the swing step one

I lightened the photo and photo shopped a tail on the little girl with art software


To satisfy my addiction to glitter glue, I covered the swing parts and the mermaid in the swing with Ranger Stickles and covered the Stickles with black glitter when it was still wet.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI like playing with acrylic paint and never expect it to be too realistic.  Frankly I would be shocked if something came out looking real. LOL

My mermaids have been fun to make this week.  I know they will eventually find good homes with someone who treasures a whimsical mermaids.  I used up the last of my 10 x 10 gallery wrapped canvas and my  5 x 7 frames!  Time to place an order….. plus today is Saturday and that means GARAGE SALES!  YAY!

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