Chatty Patty Greeting Cards

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADo you love cards as much as me?  I make a fool of myself snickering at the card racks at Rite-Aid and scooping up  stacks of silly cards to send to friends.  Last year it dawned on me that I could make cards because there is such a wide variety of digital downloads that I could purchase on Etsy and most of the images inspired my silliness. “Bullet for You” is my best seller! 


Gotta make your friends smile!  Speaking of friends, the Lord has BLESSED me with fabulous friends all my life.  The friends I have at this time in life are like pillars around me, very sure and steady.  But I confess I don’t have them in mind when I write some zingers!  I write my sassy messages for my Longview, Washington friends Candace Elaine and Taylor Sue.  (Don’t ask me why I address them by two names….it’s a long and winding story!)  Anyway I could send them any of my cards and they could TAKE IT and hand back more!


Cards like this get a giggle.  They are blank inside so a letter or quick note comes with a “what?” or headshake.  When someone receives this card, it goes from hand to hand all through the office.  Maybe if I’m lucky it will be pinned to the cork board by the coffee pot.


These are my best sellers!  All the images were purchased on Etsy and I use my photo software to put the cards together.  Sunrose Gallery needs more of “Bullet for You”!

blog card row four.JPG

Can’t forget her Birthday!  These make me giggle to this day, I am a little naughty I guess.

chatty patty

This ADORABLE image of me decorates the back!!!!  Thank goodness for my fabulous MOM who styled my hair and captured this sassy image.  See I was sassy even back at 4 years old!

You can get your cardstock and envelopes on the internet or a craft store.


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