Happy Monday!


I am dancing my Happy Dance today because my Etsy shop LittleLaLaOriginals was emptied of not one BUT two valances this weekend!  I have so much fun naming the valances.  For this valance I went descriptive and simple so this sweet and colorful mix of  green stained glass  valance was “Green Fringe”.

il_570xN.1214442267_n5qoThe name of this winner was “Softest Seasons” BUT the folks who fell in love with it had two 47″ windows!  Plus they wanted various blues and greens added to it.  I had so much fun because I LOVE A CHALLENGE!


the difference between light and on the table


First, I added in the new colors to see if they blend, especially with light in back of them.  Glass changes colors sooooo much.  One thing I like about stained glass  is the colors change with the day but are still beautiful and night.  You can ONLY discover if the colors look GOOD together with light.  Learned that little fact by making a few boo boos!  LOL


This is both 47″ valances laid on my table, the glass doesn’t look THAT pretty without the light showing through!  Since I didn’t have enough amber beads for the bottom dangles, I made matching dangles in the color of the glass.

So I am busy boxing up valances this morning. Out of curiousity I just checked into my Etsy stats and I have sold 683 of these since 2009.  They have sure helped pay the bills through the years.

This has been a S-L-O-W summer for my Etsy shops and that opened up time for me to start my WhimziVille blog!  This weekend WordPress notified me I had made my 50th blog post!


It is so fun to share what is on my mind (which is like a bubble gum ball machine that you put a nickel in.)  I have so many creative ideas rolling around in there!  You never know which gumball is going to pop out on any given day.  :  )

Hope you have a Happy Monday!



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