Victory at Our Lady Of Victory Part One


I was irritated with myself yesterday forgetting that “Our Lady of Victory” Catholic church started their rummage sale.  It is the best sale in Seaside every summer. At least I remembered it today and when I checked out, I’d spent $15.00 for all this cool stuff!  Hope I can sleep tonight because tomorrow is $5.00 bag day and I know what my greedy little hands will be stuffing in my bag if it is still there. LOL

I don’t buy something unless an idea pops in my head when I look at it.  However the trims are a no brainer!  I can always find a use for trims.


I am sooooo curious if the cream colored trim will work for a mermaid tail.  I am sort of imagining a mermaid with a glammed out tail.  Can hardly wait to try it!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI couldn’t believe I got this 1982 phone for $5.00!  I actually thought I might be able to make $$$ on Ebay, but when I checked out the auctions, I would be lucky to double my money.  So the phone is worth more to me as a base for a mixed media piece.  “The sea is calling me” popped into my head.  I’ll be getting out the ModPodge for this project for sure.  I WANNA WORK ON IT NOW!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI am dumping the hot chocolate mix that is still inside ( 5 years old)  and making choir angels for Christmas ornaments.

These are going to go in my “upcycled” section of my Merry Mermaid Booth at the Holiday Craft Fair in November.  The music box looks new!  I am just going to put one of my mermaid pics in the frame.  The coasters also look unused and I will ModPodge Mermaid images on them and tie them up with raffia with some shells for decoration.

Can hardly wait for $5.00 bag day tomorrow!

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