When all else fails, be a Mermaid


Rather than twiddle my thumbs while I wait until noon when Our Lady of Victory starts their bag sale, I had some fun with some of the trim I purchased yesterday. This will go in my inventory for the Merry Mermaid booth in November or Cathy can have it for Sunrose Gallery if she wants it!

I used two of the trims I got at Our Lady of Victory Rummage Sale yesterday.


You need a printout of a mermaid, a printout of the words, graphite, trims, shells, glitter, fabric fuse or fray check, glue sticks.


I found an image of a mermaid wall plaque and printed it out to 10 1/2 inches, then cut it out.  I decorated the tail with the cream trim being careful to seal the edges of each piece so it wouldn’t immediately start fraying.  I couldn’t find my Fray Check so I substituted Fabric Fusion. I gave the waist some of the pearl trim.  To make the fish tail, I made lines of hot glue and sprinkled them while they were still hot with crystal glitter.

It took me almost 1/2 hours to find two MATCHING shells for her breasts! Guess I need to grab some bags of smaller shells. LOL.


I was going to leave her hair alone. HAH! I can’t help myself.  So I squirted hot glue lines on her hair and did the same treatment as her fish tail. Not liking that, I ran lines of  Lumiere gold on top of the hot glue lines for her tendrils.  YUCK! Glitter always comes through for me…. so on went the copper glitter.  DRAT IT! NO!  I have a bud vase of q-tips right next to the glue gun and the q-tip saved the day.  I mixed the glitter and Lumiere together in light touches and the combination gave her hair perfect dimension. WHEW!

When her hair was dry, I used graphite paper to transfer the words to the black board and traced the transfer with white jelly pen. I glued a shell to her hand.  Actually there was a cuter white shell first, but it was too thick for my shadowbox frame!

Thanks, Our Lady of Victory for the fabulous trim for $1.00!  My 11 x 14 picture is ready for a good home. Just a little while until the bag sale…..tick tick tick. I am not good at waiting!  Now it is your turn to be patient because you will have to wait until tomorrow before  I will show you what I got at the bag sale. teehee.


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