Internet Inspiration

blog hudson featureTHIS VALANCE SOLD THIS WEEKEND!  After I make this post, I have to get to Trucke’s and buy a big box of bubble wrap so I can get this valance packed up and sent  to it’s WONDERFUL new owner in Texas!  I started selling my valances on Etsy in 2009.  So far I have 685 sales and….I am amazed to have 2,358 admirers!  Each valance comes from a spark of inspiration sometimes that is found from an accidental search on the internet.


The inspiration for the “True Blue” valance that sold yesterday was TOO MANY BLUE BEADS!  I have tubes or drawers for all my beads.  When the tube won’t hold any more I have to dream up a creative new way to use them.  The idea of “bead dangles” popped into my head, so I cut the glass pieces a little skinnier and LOVED the fringe effect.

Sometimes I see something cool on the internet and the “wanna be” interior decorator comes out.  “What if I make an interpretation of a Hudson Bay Blanket?” That would look so cool in a masculine bedroom!!!!!  When I found some creamy white glass, I went for it and the “Inspired by Hudson Bay” valance was born.

blog hudson bay 2

When I saw this chair on Etsy, my jaw dropped! I was so inspired by the eye popping combination of colors I contacted namedesignstudio for permission to use their photo for this valance which sold last year.

blog hudson 2

I have recently started following Kelly Swallow on Twitter.  Her site is Patchworks Chairs and I am in “inspiration heaven” when I checked out her website.  WOOHOO!

After my last visit to Michaels, I have too many green beads!  I have to use them up, and search for some inspiration for a new color combo.  Wish me luck!


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