Whimsy is Calling!


Last weekend I got so many fun supplies at “Our Lady of Victory” rummage sale.  I don’t buy anything unless an idea pops into my head of how to repurpose it.  The phrase “The sea is calling me”….rang a bell. LOL


Here is the phone before I had my fun.  It probably works and I did have a fleeting thought of what it would bring on Ebay, but when I discovered white phones had no big value I plotted how to turn it into an over the top whimsical piece.


I printed out octopus clip art tentacles and attached them so they would be holding the phone and also dialing. (teehee) I painted the boarders with paint pens and attached “the sea is” in scrabble letters.


I was on the beach last week sifting sand for broken sand dollar pieces and ran across a molted crab shell, so I removed two claws for the phone cradle hooks.  This side got the words “calling me”.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I printed out “take me to the sea”, 1-800-HAVEFUN, and “take me to the sea” in different fonts and sizes and attached them for more interest.  My goal is to have something in every section for the eye to notice.

One project down and many more to go.  Hope this whimsical phone gave you a smile!


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