A Different Kind of Canvas!


Last week I purchased two vintage brass wall plaques as an upcycling challenge to myself.  I had scored some really easy upcycles and this brass plaque was like a blank canvas to me….hhmmmm…..what could I do with it?


I haven’t ever made a piece with the steampunk theme, but was saving some clock parts that I harvested from a clock from a Christmas project last year with steampunk in mind.  I made a light coat of rust effect paint around the outside edge for contrast. I lightly applied Vintag Patina for metal in two colors on the background space.  After punching two holes in the plaque, I used E6000 to secure the clock parts and a piece of chain  to  the gears to give the effect that the boat was not under it’s own control!


I needed another steampunk element and found this FABULOUS steampunk Mona Lisa Octopus digital download print from RaidersoftheLostArt on Etsy.  So I printed her out and added little copper pieces to her steampunk joints and sealed the paper with Diamond Glaze.


I love tongue in cheek humor and a story that unfolds when you study the piece.  The scrabble words that I use give a hint of the story….if you board this ship you might be on the adventure of your life!  “Sail Away with Me”  could be an invitation  from the octopus trying to board, or a message from those who control the gears.


I decided to use a brown felt pen to give the hint of “leather bound” scrabble pieces.  It was fun to think of this brass wall plaque as if it was a blank canvas and  to commemorate the finished product I adhered an “Altered” brass tag.

I still have the other brass wall plaque and my gears are turning how I will upcycle it!  Stay tuned.

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