Cocoa Choir Tin Ornaments


I got the set of 4 cocoa tins at a rummage sale and knew I wanted to make a set of “Choir Ornaments” because I look for any excuse to use these adorable children’s faces.  I collect faces and got the image in this featured ornament from a lady in France!



I find the mini pewter frames at garage sales or dollar stores and they make the perfect frame for the faces!  I use E6000 to adhere the frame to the edge of the tin and add a mat board piece in the back for the hanger and glue it to the back of the frame for security.  When the children are gathered together two of them appear to be singing with one stubborn child with a puckered lip having a spell of stage fright.


It’s going to be fun to make all four of the ornaments!  I need to get some more mini frames and make the white paper wings from cast paper. In December I will post the finished choir so you can see how they turned out.


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