Easy Peasy Recycled Coasters + 1

blog coaster recycle feature

Okay, I confess this is as close as you can get to cheating in Upcycling!  But the coasters turned out so cute, I had to make a post about them.  If you have been following my blog, you are aware I am hyped to the max about the Seaside Boutique Artisan Fair in November. The theme of my booth will be “Merry Mermaids” and there will be an upcycled section in my 10 x 10 space with prices VERY reasonable. I need to have mermaid inventory!


I got the coasters and musical jewelry box at the $5.00 bag sale.  Both were in next to new condition. YAY!  I hate to brag, but I got all this stuff for $5.00!!!!


Coasters, clip art images, ModPodge, a tool to smooth out wrinkles.

They turned out so nice.  After the coasters were dry they got a coat of ModPodge to seal them.  I wrapped them with some pretty raffia and printed out a tag with all the images on it so folks could see all the mermaids without having to take the package apart. I like having one of a kind items and the price will be $12.00.


Years ago I designed this image when I found a panel chandelier that I took apart to make art déco picture frames.  This mermaid image and sentiment fit the art deco theme so nice and they literally sold like hotcakes!  When I got this barely used musical jewelry box all I had to do was print this out to the correct size and insert it into the frame.  This piece will go in my Merry Mermaid Inventory and the price will be $12.00.  My inventory is starting to add up!


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