So many garage sales, so little time!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI can’t help myself! I was supposed to be making window valances for my Etsy shop, but I made the mistake of checking the classifieds and gave myself an UNDESERVED break to whiz off to a few garage sales.  I spent 9 bucks on all this stuff!  I never buy something unless I have a plan how to repurpose it.  So let me take you on a quick tour and then I have to get back to wire, beads and stained glass.



I will take apart the red and white felt moose garland for a wreath.  Decoupage a mermaid over the THYME.


I will turn the cat into a mermaid, and the tin bucket will make some cute tin birds like these that I sell at Sunrose Gallery.


I can use the cookie mold for paper cast shells, and spray the ship white to put as a focal in a wreath.  The headbands looked new and I can use them for the crowns that I sell at Pacific Crest Cottage.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOkay, no more excuses I have to get back to work on the valances!


  1. Wonderful to see how you can repurpose the items you bought Patsy! I love doing stuff like this too – when I’m not working so much for my hubby! I’m hopeful we can hire a replacement for me soon so I can get back to my art “practice”! Lol! ❤️🎨👍

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  2. Amazing how you can look at something and see it as something new. It reminds me of a song we sing at church: “He saw not what I was, He saw what I could be”! It will be fun to see the mew creations you come up with! 😊

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