“Rust it Out” inspired by Stampington Magazine

“Young Ginger” Metal Effects Rust Paint Assemblage

Can’t live without my magazines! Somerset Studio is my favorite and I read it cover to cover.  The May/June issue has a section titled UPCOMING THEMES.  “Rust it out” captured my attention.  I love anything rusty!

Stampington is looking for artwork of all sorts that feature rust and I was immediately inspired to tackle an assemblage using my Dollar Tree foam core and rust paint.  The story that formed in my head was a young royal girl looking out her window.  I visualized a long braid and foam core sections cut up to simulate the braid.  The title, “Young Ginger” popped in my head and I visualized her braided hair adorned with a fanciful crown looking longingly out her window.

I purchased citrine points at a local rock shop and covered the tips in gold leaf and attached them to a gold headband that I had taken apart.  I found the paper flowers at a garage sale recently and like the look of flowers brightening the crown.

Lucky me,  had the print background as a plate in a book I got at Goodwill.  I like the story it tells!

The last step was the magic of Modern Masters Metal Effects two step system.


Coat the paper with two coats of oxidizing iron paint.  Let it dry completely and apply the rust activator.  Magically, the rust appears in a few hours.  I love how it turned out.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALove Playing with Rust Paint!

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