Follow Your Arrow

Follow Your Arrow Earrings

You should see the piles of earring supplies on my work table!  It is a veritable treasure trove and the plan is to make oodles of earrings,  each pair one of a kind.  I was following my arrow when I booked a booth at a Holiday Artisan Gift Fair for November with the goal of starting my own line of earrings.  The theme of my booth is “Merry Mermaids” and what well dressed Mermaid doesn’t need some glitzy ones?



The cardstock holder proclaims “The Mermaid In Me”.  Which will appeal to my customer who loves mermaids and is spirited and playful + whimsical and loves all things sparkly.  These “Follow Your Arrow” earrings have been floating around in my head for weeks and turned out exactly as I envisioned them!

I will be making necklaces too, but I’m not going to worry about matching sets.  Etsy is a very good source for supplies and I got all the elements for this mermaid theme necklace from Etsy.


I love being a full time artist, I love each day as the inspiration flows in one direction and then another direction on the next day.  Every once in a while I will post my earrings as I get a pile of them ready for the Gift Fair.






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