Gift Wrap Wreath

Gift Wrap Wreath

I made this cute wreath from an old art  canvas  but you could use poster board or mat board for the same effect!


40 x 30 Mixed Media Cat by the Sign

I repurposed this mixed media on canvas into this fresh as spring wreath. But you don’t need a canvas to make your version, card board or mat board will work.

Goodbye Little Cat!  This 40 x 30 mixed media piece has been collecting dust for over a year so it is time to repurpose it!

I have this really cool ” Juliet Rose Gift Wrap” sheet and I thought of decoupaging the gift wrap to  the Cat piece so I could use up the canvas.


juliet Rose Gift Wrap Sheet


I used a new razor blade to detach the canvas  from the frame.  I cut sections of the paper and decoupaged them to the front of the canvas with Mod Podge.  Since you are not repurposing a canvas picture, cut your gift wrap and decoupage it to card board or mat board.




The gift wrap adhered beautifully to the acrylic covered canvas and I cut out the flowers and using hot glue and more paper pieces to glue the sections to the Dollar Tree Wreath Frame.  After you decoupage the gift wrap to card board or mat board wait until it is fully dry before cutting the flowers out.



Secure the flower pieces with scraps of the gift wrap paper with hot glue. From the front, decide where you want to place a flower.  Hold the flower in place while you are flipping the wreath so the back side shows.  Take a piece of scrap paper and put some hot glue on it, then place the scrap piece on the wire frame securing the flower.

This wreath is so easy and if you don’t have floral gift wrap you could use magazine or flower images from a calendar.  When I purchase a calendar, I usually get one with pretty flowers so I can cut them out for projects after the end of the year.


Gift Wrap Wreath


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