Sigh, Another Mermaid!


Hey you creative people, are you like me?  Often when I see a photo, I get a picture of something else in my mind.  Recently I went through my blog stats and discovered that most folks who follow my blog aren’t into mermaids.  I don’t want my blog posts to be punishment! LOL  So hopefully the photos will be a jumping off point for a fantastic idea that pops into your mind.


Here at the North Coast of Oregon, mermaids sell so I specialize in dreaming up mermaid-y stuff.  This doll is a wine goblet that I clipped off the stem and made into a cloche.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI also make faux “snow globes” with Dollar Tree clear vases.

I love goblet dolls and faux snow globes because with a little imagination you can make an inexpensive very personalized gift.  My formula is THEME+GLITTER+PIPE CLEANERS to hold everything securely.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI make the dolls and globes for all occasions and will have a good selection of them at my Merry Mermaid Booth in November.



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  1. Ohh, my goodness.. I see old movie star and movie themed globes! Lol! Breakfast at Tiffany’s, anyone? Love this! And, esp where my family has a love for old movies! Thanks again, for inspiration… I know, that Lauuunnndryyy…. I’m getting there! Haha!!!! 😂

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