UGH! Learning Curve Alert!

Blue Glass Boho Earrings

Today has been do over day!  It seems I am stuck in a learning curve and I am a slow learner. LOL.  So not much has been accomplished today EXCEPT learning how to do something over again.  I am experimenting with earring designs and also spending (wasting) time learning the best way to photograph close up.

I want to get on the earring band wagon because I have two local shops telling me they want earrings plus I need something fresh and new in my WhimziVille Etsy shop.

My last foray into earrings was in 2007 so I am a little rusty and keep making irritating little mistakes like forgetting to make the designs for the RIGHT AND LEFT. Of course I don’t notice my mistakes until I waste an half hour getting the perfect photo and have to correct my mistake.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnother struggle is deciding on the photo prop.  Since I have spent time making the earring card it seems like I should have them displayed on the card for the photo, but I have spent huge amounts of time on Etsy looking at earring photos, it seems like less clutter in the photo is better.  So I have settled on the listing photo with a white background and the supplemental photo with the earrings on the card. Hopefully the time I feel I have wasted will pay me back over time!


So my whole day’s production is one pair of earrings!  TA  DAH!


Green Leaf Boho Earrings

I went to the Portland Saturday Market this weekend and checked out all the earring stands to see a comparable price range.  Seems like $18.00 is going to be my price.  That means $9.00 wholesale and I will get $10.80 for earrings I sell on consignment.  I better get over my learning curve….pronto!!!! or I will need a day job to pay the bills.


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