Blast from the Past!

z blast pi

I had a blast from the past!  I got in an organizing mood and decided to go through my old “my pictures” files on my computer.  I ran across these photos of mosaic projects that were made from aluminum cans. They were fun to make but didn’t work out to be a practical money maker because the time + cost + check after the commission was paid didn’t make sense.  Cartm in Manzanita was kind enough to let me have most of the soda cans for these mosaics and I went through about 6 months of drinking Rockstars just so I could have some white backgrounds.

z blast

Stephanie from Primary Elements Gallery in Cannon Beach came up with the inspiration of using soda cans as my mosaic material.


The mosaic is not that hard to do with a good template, but each corner of each square piece of aluminum can needs a little nail and look a lot of patience.  I admit there was one soda can mosaic where it seemed not so tedious to tack down the nails after my hubby irritated me with a comment. LOL

z blast beauregard

The gallery owners give me a report about who purchases my art, and this one sold because it looked like their dog :  )

z blast 4This crab is the last soda pop mosaic I made.  I had a fabulous price on it when the amount of work was fresh in my mind.  I finally ended up selling it for a fourth of the original price.  I have dreamed up a lot of fun ideas and it is usually an idea that comes from the serendipity at a garage sale or thrift store.

z blast 1

I was thrilled to find a metal tape measure at a garage sale for 50 cents! The owner was a track coach and this tape measure was missing the first 2 feet but it was 330 feet long I mean 328′ with the missing piece.  I had soooooo much fun weaving the pieces in a chicken wire frame I made using 14″ macramé rings at the top and bottom of the chicken wire drum shape.  I had enough tape to make two lamp shades.  Sunrose Gallery sold one lamp and Cartm in Manzanita sold the other one!


This “Coffee Mug Coffee Table” was fun to the maximum to make.  I got the idea to swap out the legs of a garage sale table for a stack of colorful coffee mugs.  It’s a REAL coffee table. teehee. I entered it in a trash art show and got a million giggles, but no sale!  I was secretly happy it didn’t sell.  After a while I recreated the table with the original legs and painted it to match my new décor.

It was fun to go back and revisit crafts I never plan to make again.  Oops I forgot, never say never!


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