Modern Minty Fresh Napkin Wreath

Modern Minty Fresh Napkin Wreath

Okay, I’m lazy!  I LOVE painted shells and have discovered a short cut for the lazy part of me.  I went online last month and ordered a stack of cocktail napkins to decoupage my Dollar Tree shells.  After all, I ordered a case of shells and gotta use them!


I found matching diamond wrap trim and my wreath form at Dollar Tree.  YAY!  Natural Nook Flower Shop in Gearhart had the cute garland.  (Usually I would wait until I found a garland at a garage sale but it was love at first sight.)

I spray painted the wreath form white and decoupaged some of the napkins to the wreath form for a sturdy base.  Decoupage both the inside and outside of the wreath.

Apply the diamond wrap to the outside and inside edges with hot glue.  Cover each shell with a quarter of the napkin and after they dry, use a scissor to remove the extra napkin.  Hot glue each shell to the wreath bottom and the top of the piggy backed shells.  Liberally apply some garland to the inside edge.  WaLAH!

Fresh and Fun Minty Napkin Wreath

This is Number 11 in my Wreathapalooza, more decoupage napkin wreaths are on their way!


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