Red Wreath Serendipity

Red Wreath to add to Wreathapalooza!

Vase rolled off counter. Vase crashed to the cement floor. Vase inspired this wreath!

Here is the story of this wreath: I got a call this week from Natural Nook in Gearhart, Oregon.  They sold the last whitewashed driftwood chandelier I made a few weeks ago. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I got out on the beach and collected new driftwood and whitewashed it. Then I  found a cool ceramic 6 inch tall vase at Goodwill. I cut a hole in it and took it to the garage to spray paint it white. After the paint was dry, it rolled off the counter and went crashing down, so the hunt was on for another “topper”, anything that is bell shaped to hide some of the lamp fitter parts.

I came up empty handed at every thrift store!  But I did find two unusual red necklaces at Rag’NBone here in Seaside.  YAY, I could get rid of some red Diamond Wrap that I bought on impulse when there was a closeout sale about 3 years ago.

I literally bought an armful of Diamond Wrap thinking it would be discontinued.  Sheesh!  So here is a start to empty the drawer!

I used a whole roll of Diamond Wrap for this wreath.  I cut each roll into three strips so it was about 2 inches wide which made it easier to handle and wrap without bunching.  Then the button necklace (handmade and really unusual for $2.00) was hot glued to the inside edge.  The other red necklace ($2.00) hot glued to the outside edge.

I tried faux peppermint candies and faux peppermint candy canes to add some decoration but felt inspired to leave it clean and modern.  This will go to the Every Husband’s Nightmare bazaar in Hillsboro, Oregon soon.

I still need the bell shaped topper for a whitewashed driftwood lamp, so no lamp, but I love the serendipity of finding the necklaces for this Red Wreath.


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