Fall’s Royal Inspiration

Queen of Fall

It’s Fall, my favorite season!  There will be a flurry of leaves plus a flurry of activity getting ready for Christmas.  Actually I have been making lists and more lists trying to balance my time with the projects I have to complete before Christmas.  I have been writing about the Merry Mermaid booth at the Seaside Artisan Fair the day after Thanksgiving and I will be featured artist for the first weekend ArtWalk in December at Sunrose Gallery where the theme also will be Merry Mermaids.  Then there is the Every Husband’s Nightmare Bazaar in Hillsboro November 12th. But wait, there’s more!

Two queen theme 10 x 10 mixed media collages and the three 18 x 24 mixed media collages that didn’t make the cut at the Portland Art Museum Sales and Rental Gallery have been sitting around since June and since I fully believe that art makes room for itself, I packed them in the car and drove to Astoria to see if the shop owner at Luminari Arts would be interested in them.  Charolette loved them!  Plus she asked me to be featured artist for November ArtWalk.  We decided on the theme “When Queens Dance” since she would be taking “Queen of Survival” and Queen of Humor”.

I have had so much fun dreaming up what kind of queens to make.  Since I have queens on my mind I thought I would make an easy one, Queen of Fall!

Mixed Media Collage “Queen of Fall”

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