A Cinderella Story


“Queen of Confidence”

It’s funny how words work.  I’m a Christian and I read Scripture every day because those Words help me focus spiritually.  But I am a sucker for inspiring little magnets with a nudging thought that is intended to inspire.  Something like the sentiment for “Queen of Confidence”.  “Confidence isn’t arrogance.  It’s based on a constant awareness of how short life is and how little we ultimately lose from risking everything.”


I found the definition of Confidence on the internet on a page called “Ten Virtues for the Modern Age”.  It’s pretty common to hear “no risk, no reward”, I guess that is the short version of this sentiment.  When I think confidence I think of standing tall, not blinking and having a spirit of adventure, like Cinderella.

“Queen of Confidence” 10 x 10 canvas mixed media collage

I found the red “Cinderella” record at a garage sale this summer.  Didn’t Cinderella exude confidence?  That was my thought as I sat a little clip art girl (LisasAlteredArt) on the record thinking of my inner child that is not super confident.

An artist needs courage.  We make stuff and “put it out there” which is a pretty big risk.  I’ve seen folks roll their eyes when they  walked by my display.  May 2017  I submitted 3 art pieces to the Portland Art Museum Sales and Rental Gallery to see if  I could be accepted as a “New Artist”.  I really loved what I made and I felt the pieces really represented “ME”.  When I got the news that I wasn’t accepted as a New Artist my first thought was “Huh, I wonder how I am going to sell these pieces?” They leaned against the faux fireplace in the living room all summer until I was inspired to show them (plus two Queen themed mixed media pieces)  to the owner of Luminari Arts Gallery in Astoria, Oregon.  She just about flipped when she saw all the pieces!  Charolette immediately hung the two queen pieces on the wall.  And she asked with a gleam in her eye if I would be featured artist for November ArtWalk and bring the Portland Art Museum pieces back to be featured on the wall.  In an instant we decided to name the display “When Queens Dance”.

I will make 10 new Queen themed pieces for Luminari Gallery using the template of the 10 virtues for the Modern Age: Resilience, Empathy, Patience, Sacrifice, Politeness, Humor (that is already done!), Self Awareness, Forgiveness, Hope and I present to you today:  Confidence.

It is pretty exciting to interpret each virtue into a piece of art, but I am confident it will be fun!










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