Clearly Very Busy!


Another Clearly Pretty Valance sold this morning from my Etsy Shop. Plus I got an order for two more Clearly Pretty valances today. Guess what?  I am clearly busy!LOL

But I wanted to tell you about yesterday.  While I was brushing my teeth, the phone rang and my cousin from Salem was calling me to say he and his family plus his mother-in-law from Cameroon wanted to stop by.  They were an hour away!  YIKES!

Recently he explained that his two year old daughter was in her “terrible two’s” so panic took over when I surveyed my living room.  Folks, everything I have blogged about for two months was scattered on the floors, furniture, piano, it was a terrible two’s disaster area waiting to happen.  Within an hour I got the house ready for visitors.

It was so fun to have “MaMa” (from Cameroon), and Jim and his family.  Little Cali wasn’t “terrible” at all!  What a cutie and she gladly played with the only toys we have…Hot Wheels cars.  My husband has been on the ocean quite a bit lately and has been boiling pots of crab most nights.  At lunch, he went into “surfer boy mode” and cleared off the coffee table laying down layers of newspaper.  Then he set out a huge bowl of crab legs (and kept it coming) we distributed the cracker tools to everyone.  I sliced yellow and red bell peppers, cheddar cheese, salami, and apple pears for a tasty spread.

It is so fun to share the fellowship, laughs and it seems better when you are also sharing the bounty of the ocean!  So no art was created yesterday but memories were.  :  )



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