WooHoo! National Coffee Day!

“No Coffee, No Workee Mixed Media 10 x 10 Canvas

Coffee!  Sometimes that first sip of coffee makes me feel like my cell phone when the yellow bar says 15% and it is time to plug in for a charge.  My phone makes a cute little sound alerting me when the first pulses of electricity are connecting.  That’s me at the first sip. I wish I could make that cute little sound, it would make my husband laugh, he knows how much I love my coffee.

I just found the “National Day Calendar”.  TOO COOL!  I am always searching for inspiration so what is a better way than to find something to celebrate.  I think I will make some “National…” art this week.  October 1 is National Hair Day, October 3 is National Boyfriend Day, October 5 is National Get Funky Day.  Ideas have popped into my head so it will be fun!

I collect sayings and found “No Coffee, No Workee” a few years ago.  Sunrose Gallery has sold each collage I have made with that theme so it will be fun to surprise Cathy with this new 10 x 10 canvas.  I got the mug image from Etsy and used Ranger Stickles on it to give it a little sparkle.  I have images of paper doll hands so I enlarged it.  Then it was time to get out my organizer of  alphabet letters for a whimsical touch and a pop of color!

a blog 3 photo

I am taking this 10 x 10 canvas to Sunrose Gallery where it will brighten the wall.

Happy National Coffee Day!  Have a sip for me and I will think of YOU!




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