Nothing Better Than a Good Hair Day!

“Good Hair Day” Mixed Media 10 x 10 canvas

Aren’t I adorable?  Thanks to Mom (and Shirley Temple) I had a fabulous hair day and I have the photo to prove it!  Tomorrow is National Hair Day and since I take Sunday’s off as a day of rest, I am a little early for the celebration.  I made a 10 x 10  canvas for Sunrose Gallery because I have sold quite a few collages with this sentiment.  I always cut out magazine images of globes because they make an easy background for a photo and the “world” theme.

Hairstyles?  When I was twelve, I went from never having my hair cut to a pixie! Do you remember Sassoon, Twiggy, The Flip, Bouffant, The Shag?  Tried them all!  Not all of them insured a “good hair day” I remember with a giggle.

I cringe as I remember some epic fails at the hands of a hair dresser and the damage I have enacted on myself.  More bad hair days!  Before I moved to Seaside, Oregon I lived in Longview, Washington and I had regular appointments with Trudy that sometimes lasted over three hours.  You know that saying, “Only your hairdresser knows?” Trudy knew!  She knew my secrets, dreams, plans.  And she shared hers. I haven’t seen Trudy since 2007 when she came to Seaside to attend my wedding.  I still remember some of her marriage advice and use it :  )

When you live at the beach you don’t worry about good hair days!  The wind makes it almost impossible to have one.  Lucky me. I haven’t spent a dime at a salon since 2005 when I moved here so my good hair days might be behind me, but I have proof of at least one good day!  Happy Hair Day!

Happy Hair Day 2017

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