Two Love Stories

10 x 10 canvas “The Stars and the Sea”

Love the sea, love making beach themed art!  This 10 x 10 canvas hints at a romantic notion: a love story between the stars and the sea.  It’s poetry and it is easy to feel poetic when you are standing under a night sky at the beach.

I have a love story with a beach setting.  Long long ago in 2000,  I was a single mom of four when my youngest went out to find her place in the world and my nest was finally empty.  A brave version of me answered a personal ad of a man who lived in Seaside, Oregon!  I lived 1 1/2 hours away in a town known for it’s stinky paper mills, Longview, WA.

In 2005 I decided I was finished with my 35 year long career as a dental assistant and moved to Seaside to pursue art and had my sights set on “gittin’ that man”. LOL. Right away doors opened for me to sell my stuff!  In 2007 I reeled my man in!  Life was good.

It STILL is.  My husband and I still go on a nightly walk through downtown Seaside usually in time for the sunset and by the time we are finished the fall sky is usually indigo .  It is fun to notice how many tourists are in town, and which restaurants have the most tables filled.  We stop at the amusement arcade and play a game of Fruit Ninja and usually win a tootsie roll pop.

I love the sentiment of this 10 x 10 piece.  It is really whimsical because that is what I do.  I appreciate the romance of the stars and the sea! It is the setting for my own love story.

The oldest Love Story is that of the Stars and the Sea




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