Happy National Boyfriend Day!

10 x 10 Mixed Media “Ya Wanna Smooch?”

It’s National Boyfriend Day!  I would be interested in how this celebration was begun because even Google was in the dark about the origins.  Last week I happened upon the National Calendar and saw October 3 was National Boyfriend Day. I suddenly remembered “Wanna Smooch”, a theme that has been popular in the past.  My “Wanna Smooch” pieces always featured some frog clipart and they always sold!

The silly frog in my mixed media collage has got a pal to play background music and he surely will turn into a prince with just a little smooch.  It makes me giggle just looking at the wry grin.

I was describing the idea for this collage to my Mom and we started swapping kissing stories yesterday.  She jogged my memory concerning my “Kissing Cousin”.  I was 12 years old and met my cousin David for the first time.  We had fun learning how to use my new Chinese Jump Rope.  I don’t remember much else about that summer day except that when our car was backing out of the driveway I remembered I didn’t have my jump rope.  So I ran through Grandma’s house looking here and there.  I ran out on the back porch and there was David who deftly threw the elastic rope over my head and pulled me close for the fastest kiss that ever happened.  Lordy!  I grabbed that jump rope and beat it to the car.

Zip my lip, I wasn’t about to tell anyone about it.  When we got home the phone rang right away and Grandma was crowing about David who had cheerfully announced that he had a “Kissing Cousin”!

Well, that kiss wasn’t from a boyfriend so it isn’t qualified for National Boyfriend Day.  Hopefully this playful little collage will bring back a memory that makes you smile.

“Ya Wanna Smooch” 10 x 10 Mixed Media


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