But Wait, There’s More!

Happy Nation Get Funky Day!

I can’t help myself!  I am supposed to be working on preparing for two featured artist showings and two Christmas bazaars.  But I got sucked into a vortex of happy inspiration when I discovered the National Day Calendar.  I love that Calendar!!! Since the week has almost evaporated I am indulging myself today by spending time making another collage.  Okay I will confess I have one for tomorrow also.  But no more. LOL

Have yourself a Happy Get Funky Day!  I looked up the definition and was shocked to discover that I might be the definition of Funky. LOL  “Get funky by wearing the brightest clothes, dance to happy music, smile, laugh, let your hair down, high five and hug people. Have a party, help a neighbor, be positive and have fun!” 

OMG the definition of “Funky” is my definition of being a follower of Christ.  Not that I don’t have burdens and things that weigh down my heart.  Things are NOT perfect in my world.  But something happened a few years ago that lifted me above the dark clouds.  A bright light turned on in my heart and I finally knew in my bones that God is GOOD.  So now I don’t know why stuff happens, but it doesn’t burden me.  Trusting in His Goodness I feel the sunshine of His love on my face.  I walk in the sunshine!

The 10 x 10 collage is a my representation of Getting Funky.  Dress up the “Elephant in the Room” and don’t let it get you down.  I like the bursts of color and the message is that “getting funky” is a choice.  I love putting tutu’s on elephants!  She has a pretty rhinestone necklace and a sassy crown as she is sitting on a magazine image of an ottoman.

Happy National Get Funky Day!

10 x 10 Mixed Media Collage “Get Funky”


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