I Sense Some Humor

In Honor of National Plus Size Appreciation Day!

Yikes, an adorable bright yellow VW Bug almost ran over me!  I was walking the huge parking lot between JoAnn’s Craft Store and Fred Meyer where my husband parked the car while he shopped for dinner.  There were no cars to hide behind and the driver was looking for cars, not people.  As she brushed by me I smiled at the huge plastic eyelashes that were attached to the headlights and it dawned on me: “People like her are my customer!”.    Folks who have a wacky sense of humor buy my stuff.

I have sworn off the National Day Calendar until I have all my scheduled work finished.  It is too inspiring!  Today is National Plus Size Appreciation Day and when I saw it on the calendar it immediately brought to mind the sentiment that is the theme of this 10 x 10 mixed media collage.  Sunrose Gallery has sold several similar  mixed media pieces for me through the years and I forgot about the theme until the National Calendar prompted my memory.  I had fun making a paper clay pear and attaching it for her whimsical shape.

Sunrose Gallery is a feast for the eyes and I am so blessed for my art to have a home there.   Cathy is really interested in the folks who enter her door.  She often has a report of the person who purchased one of my pieces so I have a good idea of WHY it was purchased. One of the funniest stories concerned a glass plaque with a metal  word “dream” attached.  When she inquired if it was intended for a gift he told her he liked it because it was shaped like Idaho! SERENDIPITY! LOL

This whimsical mixed media will garner some chuckles and snickers while it hangs on the wall. Then “My Customer” will come along with her self deprecating sense of humor.  She will giggle all the way to the Cash Wrap Desk where it will be lovingly wrapped and deposited in a cute paper bag with a handle that has a bit of  ribbon tied to it.

10 x 10 Mixed Media Collage

I need to focus on my “When Queens Dance” featured artist show at Luminary Arts Gallery in Astoria, OR starting now! LOL But if you need a daily calendar giggle I follow potpourricalendar.  It is really fun and creative plus it always makes me smile.  Happy Friday!



  1. So adorable Patty! When you sell them in the art gallery, are they framed or are they on stretched canvases or ….? What is the base for your artwork? Absolutely awesome!


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